Worn books, hidden paths, striking vistas, and displaced machinery- an accumulation of images from, inspired by, and relevant to the ages of Myst.

Photos of the geological formations in the Afar Depression | Ethiopia & Djibouti

In March 2011 George traveled to the Afar Depression in Ethiopia and Djibouti, bring his motorized paraglider to take aerial photographs. The area is probably the most geologically active area in the world; with one of the few permanent lave lakes and frequent earthquakes. Most of the Afar Depression (also known as the Danakil Depression) is below sea level, and it contains the lowest point in Africa, Lake Assale in Djibouti, which is 150 meters below sea level. The lake is also the second saltiest body of water on earth, even saltier than the Dead Sea. The region is home to the semi-nomadic Afari people who eek out a living with goats, camels, and harvesting salt in one of the hottest environments on earth.

(Source: georgesteinmetz.com)

Dallol Volcanic Crater

In the North East of Ethiopia lies the Danokil Desert.  At its heart is a volcanic crater, Dallol, little known and seldom visited but quite extraordinary.  

Surrounding the volcano are acidic hot springs, mountains of sulphur, pillars of salt, small gas geysers and pools of acid isolated by salt ridges. It makes for one of the most bizarre landscapes on planet Earth.

(Source: kuriositas.com)

Approaching the lava lake on Ambryn, Vanuatu archipelago | Geoff Mackley and Bradley Abrose

(When my sister sent this to me I was just screaming “D’NI D’NI D’NI D’NI D’NI D’NI”)

(Source: geoffmackley.com)

Thurston Lava Tube | the Big Island, Hawai’i

The lava tube at Volcanoes National Park in Hawai’i has always felt straight out of the Myst games for me- metal walkway through the jungle that leads you into a dramatically lit cave?  Yeah, I need more of that in my life.

(Source: Flickr / vwmang)