Worn books, aged leather, hidden paths, striking vistas, and displaced machinery- an accumulation of images from, inspired by, and relevant to the ages of Myst.

Dallol Volcanic Crater

In the North East of Ethiopia lies the Danokil Desert.  At its heart is a volcanic crater, Dallol, little known and seldom visited but quite extraordinary.  

Surrounding the volcano are acidic hot springs, mountains of sulphur, pillars of salt, small gas geysers and pools of acid isolated by salt ridges. It makes for one of the most bizarre landscapes on planet Earth.

(Source: kuriositas.com)

Thorny Crown | Colin H. Sillerud
The Lorax | Colin H Sillerud
Gift of Light | Peter James
Towering | Philip Perold
The Dancer | Colin H. Sillerud
Simulacra | Colin H. Sillerud
Heart of Joshua Tree | Benjamin Hill

Fly Geyser | Washoe County, Nevada

The Geyser is not an entirely natural phenomenon, and was accidentally created in 1916 during the drilling of a well. The well functioned normally for several decades, but then in the 1960s geothermally heated water found a weak spot in the wall and began escaping to the surface. Dissolved minerals started rising and piling up, creating the mount on which the geyser sits, which is still growing to date. 

submission by teal-deer

(Source: kuriositas.com)

Here, too, was the place where his mother was buried. At one end of it lay a small patch of delicate blue flowers, their petals like tiny stars, their stamen velvet dark.

- The Book of Atrus