Worn books, hidden paths, striking vistas, and displaced machinery- an accumulation of images from, inspired by, and relevant to the ages of Myst.

Cyan cuts deal with Legendary to create a TV series based on Myst | GamesBeat | Games | by Dean Takahashi

Who the devil are you?

abandoned thermal power plant | Hungary

photography by Andreas S

abandoned boilers | Ross Island, India
photo by Retina Charmer Photography
green mile | Sven Fennema

Insanely cool bit of behind the scenes footage from Riven!

Marty O’Donnell just posted a video of his foley work for the opening scene with Cho- it’s pretty amazing how recognizable these sounds still are, almost twenty years later.

star-shaped spillway in the Kechut Resevoir | Jermuk, Armenia

Back from Mysterium!


I just wanted to stop in and thank everyone who attended my art panel at Cyan last weekend- it was so lovely meeting all y’all, and it warmed the very cockles of my heart to see such an enthusiastic reaction to my sketches and ramblings.

I should be posting a link to the MoietyPunk and Mo D’ni, Mo Problems shirts, as well as a site to browse through my Myst journals, some time in the very near future- I’ve got a lot coming up in the next couple of weeks (moving, conventions, and a very Myst-appropriate trip to Iceland) so thanks for hanging in there. <3


Gen. Benjamin Huger, CSA | portrait of Aitrus in Riven: the Sequel to Myst

abandoned limestone quarry | Belgium

photography by Martino Zegwaard

brutalist pendant chandelier | C. Carl Jennings, blacksmith