Worn books, hidden paths, striking vistas, and displaced machinery- an accumulation of images from, inspired by, and relevant to the ages of Myst.

The Purton Ship Graveyard | James Charlick

Sorry for the radio silence, guys!  I’ve been down in LA for the last two weeks- both for Siggraph 2012 and to be in a couple of weddings- and so I’m just now getting back into the swing of things here at home.
I did end up doing some accidental research for the blog while I was down there; one of the weddings was held at the Wayfarer’s Chapel in Palos Verdes, which is definitely going to merit a post of its own in the near future.

Mysterium 2012

For anyone local to the greater Seattle area, Mysterium 2012 is going on down in Tukwila this weekend!  Always worth checking out if you want to play some Ahyoheek and geek out with your fellow Myst fans.

I’m going to try my darndest to swing by tonight, at least for a brief moment, but y’all should try to go for the whole weekend if you can. :)


D’ni pocketwatch, by Zirrrus

Furniture | Carlo Bugatti, 1900’s

Goodness, so very D’ni.

The Grand Library | James Charlick

Grotta Palazzese | Polignano a Mare, Italy

You know, just like that one time when Gehn turned Temple Island into a swank resort & spa.

(Source: grottapalazzese.it)

The Spiral Stairway | James Charlick

Untitled | Aurélien Vinot
Fermoir 2 | Atelier de Betty
More sexy old books for you guys.